RCA Recordings

“Where can I find recordings of past International Story Share or other Speaker meetings?” RCA Recordings can be found on our website at: International Story Share Recordings Speaker Couple Recordings  

How do I subscribe to the RCA eNEWS?

The RCA eNEWS newsletter is published when important items of interest to our fellowship need to be shared.  eNEWS can be originated by the Board of Turstees, usually the Chair, but other Committees can request an eNEWS be sent.  the eNEWS newsletter is the best way to say informed of RCA news. You can find…

Meeting Locator News

Our new Meeting Locator is in place. Please go to the Meetings Tab to locate your meeting.  If corrections are required please use the link at the bottom of the listing to request changes. If your meeting is not listed, please use the NEW Meeting option to provide listing information. Thank you, meetings@rca-wso.info

Making 7th Tradition Contributions

“I want to make a 7th Tradition contribution from my homegroup.  How can I do this?” You can go to the 7th Tradition Page using any of the several Link buttons throughout the website. When you make 7th Tradition contributions you can either mail it in, using the forms you can download and print from…