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The Structure Committee is entrusted with and guided by the RCA by-laws and the laws of the state of Missouri where RCA is incorporated. As members do not have term limits, they can provide continuity of service, stability in direction and due to its members’ service longevity, a historical knowledge of the workings of RCA. The committee is charged with:



    Assisting the WSO Board of Trustees with the mechanics of the Annual

Business Meeting (ABM)

    Providing credentialing for delegates to the ABM

    Reviewing draft motions and assisting proposers regarding the format of their motions for consideration at the ABM

    Maintaining official documents

    Assisting the WSO Board of Trustees with applicable federal and state filings

    Providing guidance and aid to the WSO Board of Trustees in such matters as the special rules of order and the standing rules.

Meetings on the first Wednesday evening of each month.


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