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Tradition 7: Every RCA group should be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.

The World Service Organization adheres to this tradition and only accepts contributions from RCA members or RCA groups. RCA members and RCA groups can send contributions to the RCA-WSO either by postal mail or by making a contribution through Pay Pal on this website. The RCA-WSO attempts to accurately track whether a contribution is a group contribution or an individual contribution. The WSO needs the help of contributors in providing the information needed to properly record the type of contribution and to provide acknowledgment for the contribution. Noting your group service number for group contributions helps us keep an accurate record of the contributions from each group. Your group number can be found on the Meeting Directory.

Contributions made by postal mail:

The Address for 7th Tradition  Contributions Is:

712 Bancroft Road

Suite 299
Walnut Creek, CA 94598

Optional forms are provided for submitting your contribution, you may use the form or just submit the needed information with your contribution.

Optional forms for submitting contributions by postal mail:

Form for a group contribution

Form for an individual contribution

Contributions made using pay pal on this website:

You may make contributions through pay pal using a credit card or using your own pay pal account if you have one.

When you make a pay pal contributions, please include the necessary information for the WSO to properly record and acknowledge your contribution. You will be given an opportunity to submit the information towards the end of the pay-pal process (you may use the optional forms as guides to providing the necessary information)

To begin the process of submitting a contribution through Pay Pal, please click on the button below: