Translation Committee


The responsibility of the Translation Committee is to offer support to Local Translation Committee (LTC) in their efforts in translating the RCA literature; e.g. books, booklets, pamphlets and to be the link between the LCTs and the Board of Trustees.


How to get started with the translation work

In the RCA Translation Basic you can read more about the translation policies of RCA which was approved by RCA Board of Trustees in 2016.

If your RCA group or national RCA Fellowship wish to start a LTC in order to translate RCA literature, please read the RCA Translation Basics first.

RCA Literature is copyright protected. Therefore, permission must be granted in order to translate the different texts.

Link to the RCA Translation Basics (to be inserted)


Current translation work

The follow LTCs have been approved by the RCA Board of Trustees and are currently working on translating RCA Literature:

  • The Spanish LTC
  • The German LTC
  • The Danish LTC
  • The Norwegian LTC


Other committee related work

The Translation Committee is together with the Merchandise Committee looking into the possibilities on having translated literature printed locally. This is to ensure that especially shipping cost and custom fees are kept at minimum.


Contact the Translation Committee

Should you have any questions regarding the translating RCA literature or wish to do service and be a part of this committee, please contact us:

Committee meetings

This committee meets online on Zoom on the last Saturday of the month at 11 EST.

Please, check the event calendar to find the date, time and Zoom information of the next committee meeting.

Link to the RCA Event Calendar