The Daily Reader – part of the Literature Committee


The Literature Committee is currently working on a new book for the fellowship. The Daily Reader will be a small booklet similar to the meditation books put out by other 12- Step organizations. All entries will be written by members of our fellowship. The literature committee is collecting submissions of writings, poems, couple stories, or ideas for topics at the following email address:

How to join the Literature Committee to work on the creation of the Daily Reader

Please just send an email to the literature chair at This committee meets monthly by Zoom, although much work is done by email.

Current work-in-progress and how you can participate without joining the committee

It may take a while to compile enough material to fill the book, so please have patience. We are now at just over 100 entries, and we ask everyone to take a moment to give back what was given to them by sharing your own experience, strength, and hope.

There is no formal outline; we will accept whatever you are generous enough to share. Use whatever format you are comfortable with. We have all experienced benefits from sharing our experience, strength, and hope in RCA meetings. This book will be a way to share that benefit with RCA members around the world. We want this book to reflect the true experiences of the members of our fellowship. Every couple is important and has unique insights. As in our meetings, couples will take what they need, and leave the rest. We do not know who needs to hear what we have to share!

Here are some ideas to spark your writing and make it easy for you and others to contribute:

  • During or after your RCA meeting, or at an RCA pot luck social, or on your own, use 15 minutes to do this exercise. Copy and print some sheets with this info, hand out to both people of the coupleship, start the timer, and write!


Coupleship — the Write Way — just like a meeting share!

Please choose a topic and write for 10 minutes:

-how we as a couple have grown since coming to RCA

or —

-what benefits we get from coming to RCA meetings

or —

-an experience that gave our coupleship strength and hope

or —

-how we use one of our favorite RCA tools

After everyone has written something, you can all share what you wrote. Then these can be sent to the Literature committee for inclusion in the DAILY READER book. All writing will be anonymous when published, yet these will be
personal and true stories from which we can all benefit.

“I give my permission to use these shares anonymously, with possible slight editing where appropriate, in the Daily Reader book that RCA is creating.”

Signed: ___________________________________ irw ______________________________________

  • Record yourself as you share at a meeting, and then write that into a submission.
  • Pick a topic and each member of a couple write as if they were sharing in a meeting. Send BOTH individual writings.
  • Consider your daily journal writings if they are related to an issue that comes up in your coupleship.
  • Take one of the reflections in the 4 th edition and write about that.
  • Share your experience as you work on a particular challenge in your coupleship… remembering that there is no perfect couple, or right way!
  • Write on a Step or Tradition.
  • Share a funny story.
  • Do you have a series of questions you ask yourself as you work your side of the street? Would you share that?


The purpose of this book is to offer up more ways for us to examine our part in our coupleship struggles. We are looking for success stories because they give us hope. The stories of continuing journeys show us that we are not alone on this path. The imperfect solutions prove we should not give up, but keep searching and trying new ideas.

If you have any ideas, or need help fleshing out your thoughts, please contact the literature committee through this email address:

If you would like to join this committee, please contact the literature committee at the above email or at

Committee meetings

This committee meets online on Zoom on the second Wednesday of most months at 9 EST. Please email the committee chair at

For information on the Literature Committee, please see more here.