Literature Committee


The responsibility of the Literature Committee is to oversee the creation and publication of all RCA literature. This might be the editing of a piece of literature that has been submitted to RCA, or to oversee the updating of current Literature. It might also be the oversight of or the creation of a completely new piece of literature.

Occasionally, special sub-committees are created to handle particular jobs that do not need the attention of the whole committee.

How to join the Literature Committee

Please just send an email to the literature chair at This committee meets monthly by Zoom, although much work is done by email.

Current work-in-progress

We are currently busy trying to get a Daily Reader put together for the fellowship. This occupies most of our time, while we also respond to occasional requests by the Board of Trustees.

You can find out more about our current project at the page for the Daily Reader. You can submit to the Daily Reader by sending submissions to

For information in the Daily Reader, please see more here.


Contact the Literature Committee

Should you have any questions regarding the RCA literature or wish to do service and be a part of this committee, please contact us:

Committee meetings

This committee meets online on Zoom on the second Wednesday of most months at 9pm EST. Please email the committee chair at

Please see our mission statement and  below.


Committee meetings minutes

March 2018

February 2018

January 2018





The Literature Committee is a standing committee reporting to the WSO Board of Trustees1. The responsibilities of the Literature Committee encompass the development of new RCA literature, as well as the updating of existing RCA literature, when needed. These responsibilities are assigned to the committee by the Board of Trustees. Under the Bylaws the Board of Trustees is authorized to approve and publish RCA literature. The Bylaws state: “The services provided by W.S.O. shall include but shall not be limited to:” “Approving and publishing R.C.A. literature, including the book entitled, Recovering Couples Anonymous, and various pamphlets.”2

Delegated Responsibilities

As a standing committee, the Literature Committee is “authorized to concurrently provide all committee reports and recommendations to the Board of Trustees and to the Fellowship.” The committee is not required to obtain the approval of the Board prior to distributing its reports and recommendations to the Fellowship.3

Applicable Fellowship Approved Policies

There are two policies directly applicable to the work of the Literature Committee:

  • Policies and Procedures for RCA Literature, approved at the 2012 Annual Business Meeting
  • Policy on Committee Chairs, Committee Members, and the Assignment of Four Common Committee Tasks, approved at the 2015 annual business meeting

Committee Tasks

The mission of the Literature Committee is to produce literature for the Fellowship. This is accomplished by:

  • Donations of written material from members of the fellowship
  • Assignments from the Board of Trustees
  • Compiling submissions from individual members or groups for a specific publication
  • Making arrangements for publication of these materials including formatting and printing
  • Providing recommendations to the Board regarding materials submitted to the Literature Committee
  • Requesting Board approval of major new tasks for the committee
  • Requesting Board approval of literature completed by the committee
  • Submitting requests for Board approval for the formatting and printing of approved publications
  • Maintaining a committee website page which includes periodic committee reports, as well as committee recommendations


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