Relationship Renewal: Step Up to Intimacy



Relationship Renewal: Step Up to Intimacy is a Twelve-Step workbook for committed couples who want to find joy in their partnerships. It is sold in a set of two workbooks, one for each partner. Each workbook is 255 pages in length, in an 8.5 by 11 inch format. The workbook provides challenging insights for couple recovery and working the Twelve Steps as a couple.

There exist many paths to couple recovery, with each opening us to new perspectives. Published in 2017, this first RCA edition of Relationship Renewal provides such a path. Many RCA couples have worked the Steps in Relationship Renewal over the past 25 years, through four earlier, privately published editions.

A number of these RCA couples acknowledge that they made significant improvements to their lives and relationships using this workbook. They also acknowledge that getting the maximum benefit of the workbook requires intense and soul-searching effort. We invite you to Step Up to Intimacy!


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