Creating Healthy Agreements: A Resource and Guide for Couples





This book is suggested for couples who wish to restore healthy communication, caring and greater intimacy to their relationship. Since 1988 many couples in RCA have found written agreements an important tool in achieving these goals. A step-by-step process for creating healthy agreements is described. Also included is a selection of resources to help you identify specific issues that you may wish to address. A number of frequent couple topics are discussed, with each followed by one or more sample agreements. These topics include: Communication, Respectful Conflict, Resentment, Working the Steps, Financial, Division of Labor, Travel, Recreation, Dating our Partner, Romance and Sexuality, Parenting, Parenting When Multiple Households are Involved and Family Meetings and Family Rules. Using these samples as models, we encourage you to develop your own agreements. We hope that this guide will help you on your journey to find the commitment, serenity, and caring that all couples seek.