News (updated 5/14/18)

May 14, 2018   Please Review the Document  from the Structure Committee Voting-on-the-2018-ABM-Proposal


May 6, 2018:       ABM Ballot Proposal and Online Ballot has been posted in the RCA World Service Area.


 May 1, 2018:        The Registration deadline for the Annual Convention in Stockholm has been extended to May 20th. Use our link If you are planning to attend, please make arrangement prior to the 20th.


October, 2017:    Materials for the 2018 Annual Business Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden are available for review in the For RCA Members » RCA World Service area.


August , 2017:     Audio Recordings of Key Note Speakers from the RCA Convention are available at the “For RCA Members, Couples Resources” area.


June 12, 2017:     If you previously received either the “Hand in Hand” or “E-News” Newsletters, you may need to resubscribe to continue receipt of these RCA publications.  Please go the RCA Couples Resources Page and select the subscription you desire.


June 12, 2017:     GCC’s, Please check your meeting data.  You can search by meeting name, and find a change request at the bottom of the page.  It is important that we receive your changes as quickly as possible.


June 2, 2017:     Our Meeting Data Base will soon be back online.  Please review your meeting data and provide any corrections that need to be made by notifying and provide as much information as you can.  Please allow up to 48 hours for changes to be completed.


May 22, 2017:     If you previously  had a RCA email address please verify it is still routing properly.  If you are experiencing any problems with you RCA email account please notify


May 22, 2017:     If you had a login account on the previous RCA Website you will need to re-register on our new site.


May  21, 2017:    The new RCA Website in now online.  We hope you will take a look around and provide us with feedback on how we can make it easier and more useful for you.  Please leave us comments so that we can help to improve on our new Website. Visit our Comments Page