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RCA Global Meeting Locator
(Every registered RCA meeting is listed)

The WSO provides this space for each group to list its own details. For our full policy on website posting please click here.

Click here for Website Posting Policy

RCA members also conduct a weekly teleconference meeting on:
Tuesdays at 8:30 PM Eastern, and Sundays at 8:00 PM Eastern.
Click here for additional details.

You may search for RCA meetings using the two following methods, Dropdown Selection or Keywood search.

-Dropdown selection allows you to search by Access and Meeting type, as well as State and Country. Select the top choice to clear a Dropdown catagory.

-Keyword searches allow you to enter a word or words that identifies the meeting you are looking for. This can include City, Zip Code, or Person’s Name.

-Select “All Words” if the search is to match all of the words, “Any Words” if any match is acceptable, or “Exact Words” it the search must match in exact order.

-For Zip Code searches try using partial sets of the whole code. For example you might try 330 for 33020. This will result in two listings for 33020 and 33024. This may not produce a Zip Code since it will match any "330" text in the database.

>>You may also view meeting listings by State by selecting the corresponding letter from the selection bar below.