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RCA Global Meeting Locator
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The WSO provides this space for each group to list its own details. For our full policy on website posting please click here.

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RCA members also conduct a weekly teleconference meeting on:
Tuesdays at 8:30 PM Eastern, and Sundays at 8:00 PM Eastern.
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There are 3 ways to search for a local meeting: 1. Alphabetically by Name, 2. By Keyword, 3. By Dropdown Selection

1. Alphabetically by Name, Selecting a letter from the list will display all meetings beginning with that letter.

2. By Keyword, Enter a word or words that identifies the meeting you are looking for. This can include city, zip code, phone number, or person’s name.

Select “All Words” if the search is to match all of the words, “Any Words” if any match is acceptable, or “Exact Words” it the search must match in exact order.

3. By Dropdown Selection, Dropdown boxes offer choices for that box. Select the top choice to remove the Selection.