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 This is the place for you to share your Experience, Strength, and Hope with each other, related to your RCA recovery journey.  Please remember to use the Safety Guidelines when sharing in this forum.  This is your Forum, your place to share.


#4 Vicki irw Dick M. 2016-03-18 19:22
I have found that RCA has helped enrich our relationship and keep our journey on track because of the various guidelines that are in place. Some of the guardrails sometimes feel confining or restrictive -- mainly at the time of bumping into them -- they often keep me more respectful of my partner and in the long run that is helpful to both of us.
Best wishes to you all!
#3 V In recovery with M 2015-08-04 11:25
For me, I have found the safety guidelines to be more helpful than hindrance. These allow me to share my true feelings in way that will be heard by my partner and/or others in the room. It may take some careful thought and consideration in HOW i will say what I am saying. This is all a Change from the past. Either I didn't say what I was feeling, or everything was an attack on someone else. Now I can speak my truth in clear honest language; not holding back, but without beating anyone up, especially myself. I can speak of how I was, how i am now, but let go of the shame when I remember to provide safety for myself in my conversations! (especially those with myself!) Yes, Serenity has come from telling the truth, hearing the truth, and accepting the truth... the problem is everything changes from which perspective I look at it. I have chosen to try to look at it from a place of love, even those really difficult things!(maybe a little slower!!)
#2 Bobpetitti 2015-07-25 14:03
That's for your good insight. May be better to say "try to avoid " allow validation of the struggle to begin to share our pain.
#1 pattianddan 2015-06-18 12:49
I may have some difficulty in trying to share after reading the guidelines. The guidelines say to avoid putting self down and avoid self pity which I do understand , HOWEVER...The truth is the truthand I am unable to tell it like it was unless I tell the truth. I have to tell the truth in order to tell the truth.....Half Messures availed me nothing and no matter how much it hurts to re-live it...IT is the ONLY place to find freedom from the bondage of self and PEACE

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