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Group Number: 89044

Meeting Type: Closed Meeting

Day & Time: Friday's 6:30PM Central

Name: Dwayne IRW Mandy
Name: Connie IRW Ben
Keyboard Chat with other RCA Couples. ,    United States

 This is a closed meeting for couples. To attend the meeting (or if you have any questions), please contact hosts, Dwayne & Mandy at: and the meeting link will be sent to you. Please log-in as couples, i.e. Dwayne IRW Mandy. This is a topic meeting submitted by members. If you have any suggested topics please contact us at the above email. The meeting will run from 6:30 pm until 8 pm Central time (or until the last couple has shared, whichever comes first.) To access meeting readings, please click here: to receive an auto response with FAQ's and the meeting link. You can also access the meeting by clicking on the following link: The sign in web page will come up with a question box, the first will ask you for a nick name, just type in _____IRW_____. The second is for the Server, just leave this as is. The third question will ask for a channel, just type in #RCA (it is not case sensitive) then hit enter or click on the Login button to enter the room.


 Topic: Friday, 4/25/20141: Faithfulness

Faithfulness is much more than sexual fidelity. Faithfulness starts with fidelity to ourselves. We can rely on upon those who know what they want, say what they mean, and do what they say. People who are true to themselves make trustworthy commitments. Those who make decisions on the basis of what would look good, or what the other person wants, lose themselves in the process. As couples, we need to understand that being faithful means being clear about who we are. We are faithful to others when we are true to ourselves.

 Our Commitment Today: Today we will share with each other an example of something we trust about the other.

My Commitment Today: Today I will notice when I am not being true to myself. Am I trying to please others at the expense of who I am?

Reflection: In our coupleship history, we may have experienced a great many broken promises. How are you, as a couple, rebuilding trust and fidelity through your recovery? 

 Hope to see you all on Friday night, at our online meeting :) We are more grateful than you may know, for your willingness to come and share your Experience, Strength & Hope. Whether it is your first meeting, or you have years of RCA experience, each and every share is a gift of service, and supports our recovery as couples and as an RCA community.

Brightest Blessings,
In Recovery & Service,
Dwayne and Mandy






























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