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Are the 12 Concepts of Service Right for RCA?

At the Annual Business Meeting in Cape Cod on August 23, the Fellowship passed two motions concerning the 12 Concepts of Service.

  • First we adopted them for RCA as they have been adapted from those of AA.

  • Secondly, the RCA Fellowship was to be given an opportunity to make comment on the Concepts.

This was necessary because these fundamental principles of Recovery Service have now been adopted for RCA without giving the fellowship a realistic opportunity in how they were adapted from AA. The present adaptation was done by only three RCA members.

Now the entire fellowship has an opportunity to provide input. See attached:

1. A notice of the opportunity to make comment.

2. An optional form for submitting your comments

3. Comparison tables of the 12 Concepts of Service as they are used in other 12 step fellowships.

As stipulated in document 1, all Comments will be due for submission by 8 December, 2013.